About Us

Funun Arts is a nonprofit platform where artists are given an opportunity to exhibit their talents in a space that is affordable and allows them the freedom to enhance their creativity. Funun offers them an experience they will cherish. Emerging as an innovative idea amongst a few artists in 2016, it soon took over the aspiring imagination of the Khan sisters, Shiba and Farah. This ambitious project is held together by an evolving passion that can best be described in a few lines:”Coming together is the beginning,Keeping together is the process,Working together marks the success.”
Funun Arts has been widely appreciated for their initiatives towards social and noble causes for a better society, and has been engaged in offering a helping hand to those in need. They believe that art is not only brushes and canvases; it is also a form to communicate your thoughts without any constraint, and that brings about a sense of positive energy which brightens the spirit of the onlooker.
Now more than 400 multinational artists are the part of this art community. They ensures respect and transparency to the associated artists and has prompted artists to place their trust and faith into the hands of this magnificent gallery. With the unique creative, organizing and management skills. They always bring a massive crowd of artists, art lovers, art enthusiasts and art collectors on one platform. Creating different type of workshops, live painting sessions where along with artists, people from different walk of life, students of determination and children. Funun Arts was highly active even in the pandemic and done number of virtual art events, art talks, cultural shows and art workshops. Our Philosophy is, ” The Principal of true art is not to portray ,but to evoke, as Creativity takes courage”

Everything you can imagine is real. — Pablo Picasso


Shiba Khan: the creative, dedicated and hardworking name in the art fraternity of UAE, born and brought up in India. She is an artist, art activist, and curator and Founder of Funun Arts. She believes in positive attitude and optimism. From curatorial works to creation, Shiba remains as the forefront of her artistic career in all facets of her undertaking. As an artist, Shiba has taken part in exhibitions in the UAE and other parts of the world.

Farah Khan , living in Dubai since 2012. It was three years or so back that she discovered her passion for photography & since then she had been a constant part of Dubai Artists & through constant play & practice, a workshop here & tips from friends there she is an amateur photographer now. She truly believe that,
“Today everything exists to end in a photograph.”
She is passionate about Poetry, Art, Yoga, Photography & Food,…… & is also a Food & Travel blogger, you can check her pages …… Foodbatuta & Dubaiculturevulture.

Our aim is to represent art & bring talents in light. Also full freedom is given to artists to showcase herself/himself in the way she/he wants.

Our Philosophy is,

“The Principal of true art is not to portray, but to evoke, as Creativity takes courage.”

Our Services:

  • Art Exhibitions
  • Art Events
  • Art Consultations
  • Art Sales
  • Workshops
  • Commissioned works
  • Team Building
  • Live arts

Shiba Khan & Farah Khan